Annual Report and Accounts 2009

Our North America Housing strategy

Our North America strategy is focused on maximising value from each home sold through pricing, build cost reduction and selective land purchasing.

  • Goal is to be the leading homebuilder in each of our markets
  • Medium term objective is to grow volumes through taking advantage of land acquisition opportunities as they arise
Short term priorities:
  • Drive sensible sales rates for each site
  • Retain build cost and overhead savings
  • Maintain reduced level of investment in land and work in progress spend where appropriate
  • Grow market share in our key markets

Our North America Housing Key Performance Indicators at a glance

We have identified key financial and non-financial performance indicators which we believe are the most accurate measure of the success of our strategy in North America.

Contribution per legal completion Forward order book volume as a % of completions Owned and controlled plots with planning Customer satisfaction {out of 100} Health and Safety (per 100,000 hours worked)
for 2009
(£23.9k for 2008)
for 2009
(51.4% for 2008)
for 2009
(29,178 for 2008)
for 2009
(85.4 for 2008)
for 2009
(0.041 for 2008)

For more information see Our North America Housing key performance indicators


The Group’s principal risks and uncertainties are detailed in Principal Risks and Uncertainties page of this report. The risks that have seen the greatest change in the North America business during 2009 are:
  • Economic and market environment, with much greater stability during 2009
  • Land purchasing, as the demand for developed lots has increased as market conditions have stabilised
  • Ability to attract and retain high calibre employees, as the competition for talented employees will intensify as the market recovers