Annual Report and Accounts 2009

Notes to the Company Financial Statements for the year to 31 December 2009

2. Particulars of employees

Directors 2 2

The Executive Directors received all of their remuneration, as disclosed in the Directors' Remuneration Report , from Taylor Wimpey Developments Limited and Taylor Wimpey UK Limited. However, it is not practicable to allocate such costs between their services as Executives of Taylor Wimpey Developments Limited and Taylor Wimpey UK Limited and their services as Directors of Taylor Wimpey plc and other Group companies. The fees of the Chairman and the Non Executive Directors, which are wholly attributable to the Company, are disclosed on Directors' Remuneration Report. The Company was recharged costs of £8.0m (2008: £6.3m) in respect of staff costs for Directors and employees of subsidiary companies who provided services to Taylor Wimpey plc during the year, which includes amounts in respect of employer contributions to both defined contribution and defined benefit pension schemes. Information in respect of the Group's defined benefit pension schemes is provided in Note 22, to the Taylor Wimpey plc consolidated financial statements. Contributions in respect of the Defined Contribution Scheme for Directors can be found in the Directors' Remuneration Report. There were no outstanding contributions at the year end.